Inspired by a special encounter he had with an snowy owl while running through the harsh winter conditions of the Alaskan wilderness, Pete is currently attempting to become the first person to ever run 100 mile runs or races in every state to raise $50,000 for the Owl Research Institute. Pete knew he wanted to work with the Montana-based organization, whose mission is to protect and conserve all species of owls.

He kicked off the 5,000 mile and 50 state challenge in 2019.

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Owl Run Hundreds

Pete is always chasing his next horizon. His current goal? Completing a 100-mile run or race in all 50 states and raising $50,000 to support the Owl Research Institute along the way.

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Thousands of miles
stronger than when he began.

When Pete reaches a goal, he sets an even bolder one. Having already completed a marathon in every state, he’s taking on a new challenge—100 miles in all 50 states. (What’s 3690 miles more anyway?) It’s a goal so bold, Pete could be the first-ever runner to complete it. He’s well on his way, but the path to the finish line is anything but insignificant.

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Driven by community-centered efforts and sharing his story, if you’d like to join Pete on a segment of his Owl Run 100s journey, please contact us

About the Owl Research Institute

At a moment when the odds felt stacked against him on the Iditarod Trail, Pete had a memorable encounter with a snowy owl. Its peaceful presence gave him hope when he needed it most.

Since then, Pete has become a passionate advocate for the work of organizations like the Owl Research Institute—a leader in owl conservation, education, and research. Every dollar he raises as part of his Owl Run Hundreds project will go directly to ORI to support its important mission.

Join supporters from across the country who have donated to the Owl Run Hundreds project.

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“Your belief in me and what I’m doing means the world. When the journey gets tough, it’s so encouraging to know that you’re in it with me and are helping me support an organization so close to my heart. Every dollar of your donation goes directly to the Owl Research Institute.”


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