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Gear Junkie

Iditarod Footrace Champ on Running Down Depression

“Three years ago, accomplished ultrarunner Ripmaster, read an article about the 1000-mile race and wanted in. He called the director the same day. His sheer enthusiasm secured him a spot”

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Trail Runner Magazine

A Race to Make Even Hardened Ultrarunners Cower

“It wasn’t until the 35th marathon that he began to wonder how he would fare if he actually trained. After a little training, he ran a 3:05 and qualified for the Boston Marathon.”

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REI Co-op

Pete Ripmaster Wins the Iditarod Trail Invitational. What’s Next?

“Even without dramatic setbacks, the ITI is a physical and mental challenge like no other. “

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The Adventure Sports Podcast

Ep. 413: Iditarod Ultra Runner, Endurance Athlete and Stay-at-Home Dad – Pete Ripmaster

“Pete Ripmaster has an amazing story of triumph by ultra running the 1000 mile Iditarod Invitational. He went from dead last, having a near death experience, to winning the race…”

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Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

The Comeback: Ripmaster Wins Iditarod Footrace

“Pete nearly died attempting the ITI in 2016…He had every excuse never to return to Alaska. But in 2018, Ripmaster ran the Iditarod again—and won it.”
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MTN Meister Podcast

Episode #207


“With no dogs to help him along the way, Pete’s feet carried him an average of 38 miles a day over 26 days”
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Episode 44: Pete Ripmaster, Running the Iditarod and Winning It.

“Be careful listening to this one, you might have to quit your job and go for a month long race….”

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Pete Ripmaster – Iditarod Champion on Foot

“Buckle your seat belts, because you’re in for a treat…I’ll let Pete tell you about his journeys and obsessions about this event that led to his victory…”

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